Energy Balance and Body Composition Core C

The Energy Balance & Body Composition Core provides the equipment and technical expertise for measurement of lean/fat mass and whole body metabolism in mice. Because the primary focus of the COCVD is to identify mechanisms linking obesity to cardiovascular disease, it is imperative to obtain a sensitive, reproducible quantitative analysis of these measures of adiposity and metabolism. The DEXA-R and/or Echo MRI are utilized for non-invasive quantitative assessment of lean and fat mass, and bone mineral density in anesthetized mice.

Many of the COCVD purposed studies examine chronic diet-induced obesity and its influence on cardiovascular diseases. This makes a non-invasive assessment of fat and lean mass necessary for longitudinal assessment of the effects of obesity during the development and progression of cardiovascular disease. The Obesity Core has incorporated equipment for computerized quantitative measurement of oxygen consumption food intake, water intake, and physical activity in mice. This system is localized to dedicated space within the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources and is available to investigators of the COCVD.

Resources for COCVD investigators: 
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