Research Cores


The COCVD projects are facilitated by services provided through cutting-edge Research Cores.  Cores within the COCVD include the Administrative Core A, Analytical Core B, Pathology Core C and Energy Balance and Body Composition Core D.  A description of each core, supervised by a core director, is provided below.



Director: Lisa Cassis, Ph.D. 
Purpose: The administrative core facilitates and coordinates the research objectives of the COCVD.The core provides organization and administrative structure to ensure that investigators affiliated with the Center operate in an environment that facilitates their research. This includes access to biostatistical support from Dr. Katherine Thompson, Ph.D.

Director: Scott Stanley, Ph.D. 
Purpose: The Analytical Core provides technical services and support to Center participants in the broad area of detection and quantitation of biological molecules of relevance to the diagnosis, treatment and experimental investigation of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. This includes suspension array (Luminex), and electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry platforms for lipid and metabolite profiling.

Energy Balance and Body Composition CORE C
Director: Shuxia Wang, Ph.D.
Purpose: The Energy Balance and Body Composition Core provides the necessary equipment and technical expertise to perform critical physiologic measures that are essential to achieve the objectives of the COCVD. This includes quantification of (1) whole body metabolism and (2) body composition. These phenotypes are quantified using TSE LabMaster cages, Sable Promethion Cages and EchoMRI. 

Pathology CORE D
Director: Wendy Katz, Ph.D.
Purpose: The Pathology Core provides the necessary equipment and technical expertise to perform histological analysis on tissues. The Core is equipped with tissue processors, microtomes, and microscopy/image analysis equipment for processing paraffin-embedded tissues and performing basic stains.